A new semester starts today despite coronavirus

A new semester starts today despite coronavirus. In these tough days, is demonstrating the highest level of technological innovation and organizational management providing the entire course catalog exclusively online. This is a new experience for everybody and I’m sure that this will be the occasion for personal and professional growth.

The spreading of coronavirus is changing our routines, everything is more complicated, and we are facing new challenges. I’m preparing my lectures from home, avoiding contact with other people as much as possible, as suggested by the Italian government for containing the spreading of the virus. The university as a physical space is closed to the students, but the university community is working and living. has put many efforts to connect us together and provide high-quality education online, and we are all proud of it.

My dear students, this is the time for resistance and resilience, be responsible, follow the rules that the authorities have set out, and give the best of us. At the end of all of this, we will be stronger. Have a good semester.

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