UV cured membranes

UV-Cured ultrafiltration membranes

In our latest paper we have reviewed our recent results in the design of ultrafiltration by using and nature-inspired coatings. Congrats to all co-authors!

UV-Cured ultrafiltration

Marco Sangermano, Luigi C. Capozzi, Farrukh M. Mehmood, Mattia Giagnorio, Alberto Tiraferri

In this work, we present a review of recent results  in the design of ultrafiltration membranes by using photopolymerization. Non-solvent induced phase separation (NIPS) was coupled with and the starting polysulfone polymer (PSU) was either modified with methacrylated photocurable functionalities (PSU-DM) or the PSU was mixed with an acrylated resin. The resulting membranes showed an enhancement of solvent resistance, due to the crosslinking matrix. Finally, the solvent-resistant membranes were coated them with polydompamine in order to couple ultrafiltration and removal of contaminants by adsorption.

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