• New polymeric materials

    Working for the advancement of UV curing

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  • Polymers for health

    Nano-carries and 3D-printable materials for and tissue

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  • Green polymers for a clean world

    Towards sustainable polymers produced from renewable sources

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Cationic photopolymerization

The absence of oxygen inhibition, low shrinkage upon curing, and excellent versatility of the crosslinked material make cationic photopolymerization a versatile technique for a large number of industrial application: films, inks, and coatings on a variety of substrates including paper, metal, and wood.

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Sustainable polymers: photocurable monomers from biorenewable resources

Synthesis of biorenewable monomers for the replacement of petroleum-derivate polymeric materials and creating new sustainable materials.

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About our research group

Our research group is devoted to the design, characterization, and application of new functional polymeric materials. 

Our main activities are in the field of photopolymerization, polymer structure-property relation, tailoring formulations to achieve specific properties, surface modifications by fluorinated or silicone additives, and preparation of nanostructured polymeric coatings.

We collaborate with numerous academic and corporate partners worldwide. 

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Polymer solutions for the industry

We bring the latest advances into industry and strive to make our customers’ products the best they can be. 

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Marco Sangermano and his team

Marco Sangermano is an associate professor at the Department of Applied and of University, and led Photopolymer Lab. Marco does research in Polymer Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Materials Chemistry. He is co-author of 250+ papers, 12 book chapters and 8 patents.

The group is mainly composed by the students Angelo Romano, Simone Lantean, Andrea Cosola, Camilla Noè and Michael Zanon. We host researchers and professors from across the world and actively collaborate with the other research group at Politecnico di Torino.

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