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Nicolò Razza won the “Quality Award – Year 2018” in Materials Science

Nicolò Razza a former group member of Photopolymer Lab and now Postdoctoral Researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), has been awarded by the Doctoral School of our institute with the “Quality Award – Year 2018” for the excellence in research. Nicolò has conducted in our laboratories an innovative project bridging photopolymer and soft matter. He has demonstrated how light-irradiation can be used to genere controlled hydrophobic domains at micro/nano-scale. These added features can pave the way for engineered colloids able to thermodynamically stabilise emulsions, aggregate in a controlled fashion and interact with lipid membranes. The findings of his doctoral research have the potential to disclose new possibilities in fields like pharmaceutics, food science and material science. Congrats Nicolò!

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